Expanding into the United States, structuring US operations or being engaged in M&A activity requires a lot of work, including advice on tax-efficient structuring and how to effectively manage US tax exposure. There are a lot of non-tax considerations as well. In some cases, knowing whether an asset acquisition or a purchase of shares provides a better tax result may make a big difference between realizing a higher return on investment and paying higher taxes.

How Can We Help !

We can help you determine the existing US tax exposure and assist you in conducting a due diligence and/or in identifying areas of concern from the US tax perspective. We can also help you structure your operations in the United States, assist in expanding into the United States, or guide you through a restructuring process to ensure that your business objectives meet the tax outcome, for example, by ensuring that applicable transactions are structured in a tax-free manner (obviously, when the facts support such treatment or planning opportunity).